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Gunshots during a smuggling operation. Cigarettes worth 70,000 lei confiscated near the Tisa river

On October 21, border police officers on the state border surveillance mission observed, on the Romanian bank of the Tisa river, several people moving towards the interior of the country, carrying bulky parcels behind them.

At the same time, the surveillance cameras located at the border triggered the alarm specific to the detection of suspicious movements, in the respective direction, more precisely in the direction of the Lunca la Tisa border town, Maramureș county. The border police acted to detain them, making the legal summons by voice, but they did not obey, abandoned the parcels and fled to the Ukrainian territory.

In order to detain the persons, border police officers fired warning shots, in the air but they still did not stop, jumping into the water of the Tisa river and swimming back to the territory Ukrainian.