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Hidden in truck trailers, they illegally entered Poland

Officers from the Nadodrzański Polish Border Guard Unit detained eight illegal immigrants from Syria with a truck driver carrying them and two Afghan citizens. Poland was supposed to be a transit country for them on their way to Germany.

Two illegal migrants who came to Poland in the transport of sanitary facilities were revealed on Wednesday, September 2 in Bielany in Wrocław. The driver of the truck in which they traveled informed the services about the stowaways. Border Guard officers from Wrocław determined that they were Afghan citizens aged 41 and 45. Their route from Bulgaria led through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They probably got into the trailer in Slovakia, where the driver had a break of several hours. They hoped that the car would travel to Germany.

Foreigners were charged with the use of deception in violating the applicable regulations. They pleaded guilty to the alleged offense and submitted explanations, and also filed a motion for conditional discontinuance of the proceedings.
The commander of the PSG in Wrocław-Strachowice initiated proceedings to oblige foreigners to leave Poland. Until the decision is made, the men will stay in a guarded center for foreigners by a court decision.

Earlier, at the end of August, officers from the Joint Polish-German Post in Jędrzychowice selected a Volkswagen Touran for inspection on German registration numbers. It turned out that the car is used by nine Syrian citizens – the driver and eight passengers. The officers inspected the foreigners’ documents and revealed that none of the passengers had the right to stay in the European Union. 

Foreigners, including two teenagers aged 14 and 15, illegally entered Serbia, and then, via Slovakia, came to Poland hidden among the filled bags in a truck trailer. Already in our country, foreigners were dropped off in the forest, where they waited for more vehicles to illegally get to Germany. 

The immigrants were accused of crossing the Polish-Slovak border and of trying to cross the Polish-German border in cooperation with other people. They pleaded guilty to the charges they were charged with and voluntarily submitted to a four-month prison sentence suspended for two years. On the other hand, a 27-year-old driver, who was transporting illegal migrants, heard the accusation of helping foreigners in their attempts to cross the state border from Poland to Germany in violation of the applicable regulations. The driver pleaded guilty to the alleged offense and voluntarily submitted himself to a prison sentence of 8 months suspended for 2 years. He will also have to pay a fine of PLN 800.
The commander of the PSG in Zgorzelec initiated proceedings aimed at obliging foreigners to leave Poland. Pursuant to a court decision, all foreigners will stay in guarded centers for foreigners until a decision is issued in their case