Innovative technologies for strengthening Schengen area

Frontex, the European Commission and Europol held a conference on innovative technologies for strengthening Schengen, in Warsaw, Poland.

The event covered available measures and current and future solutions matching the needs of the Member States, allowing for the highest level of security within the Schengen area.

The Director for Borders, Schengen and Visa at the European Commission Matthias Oel opened the event, along with the Executive Director of Frontex, Hans Leijtens, and Deputy Executive Director of Europol, Capabilities Directorate Luis de Eusebio Ramos.

“We are investing in new IT architecture to make the EU the most advanced entity in terms of border protection. Today’s meeting serves as a platform for dialogue to discuss operational solutions for data collection, as well as identify strengths and possible limitations of innovative technologies available for Member States concerning internal borders protection,” said Matthias Oel, Director for Borders, Schengen and Visa at the European Commission. 

“We are striving to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our border management and law enforcement efforts. Advanced aerial surveillance and satellite imaging, for instance, can provide real-time monitoring of vast and remote border areas, enabling us to detect illegal crossings and suspicious activities with greater precision. We can also spot a boat in distress in the middle of the vast sea and alert the national rescue centres, saving lives that otherwise may have been lost,” said Hans Leijtens, Frontex Executive Director.

Member States’ representatives, law enforcement and border guard authorities, and EU agencies explored technological possibilities to detect high-risk travellers and human smugglers, methods of monitoring and tracking of vehicles suspected of illicit activities as well as disrupting trans-national organised crime and terrorism, specifically transiting within the Schengen area.

Together we keep the Schengen area strong and secure.