Intercepted a narco-sailboat that was heading to the Spanish coast with some six tons of hashish

Agents of the Spanish National Police, in a joint operation with Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency, in collaboration with the authorities of the United Kingdom and Italy, as well as with the participation of the CITCO(Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime)and the MAOC-N( Center for Maritime Analysis and Operations in Drug Trafficking) , have intervened in international waters of the Atlantic 130 miles off the coast of Huelva , some 6,000 kilos of hashish and have arrested the three crew members aboard the narco-sailboat bound for Spain.This operation supposes a police blow to the criminal organizations of the East, leaders in drug trafficking by sea. They have also seized a drone, security cameras or a radio frequency detector, among other devices in order to facilitate criminal action.

Thanks to the international cooperation with the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom and with the Italian authorities, as well as with the participation of the CITCO (Intelligence Center against Terrorism and Organized Crime) and the MAOC-N (Center for Analysis and Maritime Operations in terms of drug trafficking), the sailboat was identified and a police action was coordinated.

The investigation began in early 2021, when information was confirmed that one of the most active criminal groups in Spain was preparing to acquire a sailboat for use in drug trafficking.