Intercepted a sailboat with 200 kilograms of hashish off the coast of Almería

Two people of Spanish nationality have been arrested and a sailboat of 12 meters in length and 200 kilos of hashish has been seized

Agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard, in a joint operation with the Tax Agency, have intercepted a sailboat loaded with 200 kilograms of hashish off the coast of Almería.

The investigation began on September 3 after detecting a boat in the Mediterranean that showed signs of being used for drug trafficking. After being monitored, suspicious movements of the boat were observed off the coast of Almería, for which they requested more support units to carry out their inspection and control.

Once transferred to the Port of Almería, it was found that the boat was carrying 200 kilograms of hashish hidden inside a cabin made for this purpose. The operation concluded with two people of Spanish nationality arrested and with the intervention of the sailboat, twelve meters long.

Thanks to the close collaboration between the different organizations dedicated to the investigation of drug trafficking, it has made possible the detection of the boat and the arrest of its occupants.