Italian operation against drug trafficking, 10 arrests

The Reggio Emilia mobile squad this morning concluded an operation against drug trafficking by executing 10 pre-trial detention orders in prison.

The investigative activity, launched in 2019, made it possible to discover a vast trafficking, including international, of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

The operation, supported by the central operational service, was developed following the sales activity in the Reggio Emilia railway station area; the policemen, in particular, had found that the suspects, to attract drug users, sold heroin at particularly competitive prices.

The investigation also ascertained the trafficking of new synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine which, hidden in tubers, was imported from Nigeria.

During the investigation, 18 people were also arrested and one and a half kilograms of heroin, 150 grams of cocaine, three and a half kilos of amphetamines and 40,000 euros in cash were seized.