Joint actions of the Polish Border Guard and the Police

On September 10, officers of the Silesian Border Guard Unit prevented the introduction of psychoactive substances worth over sixty-five thousand zlotys to the market.

During the activities carried out together with the Police, officers of the Border Guard Post in Ruda Śląska detained a 34-year-old man who had a significant amount of psychoactive substances in his apartment. During the search of the Pole’s place of residence, the officers revealed and seized methamphetamineand marijuana with a black market value of over PLN 65,000. If a banned substance were to be marketed, it could be made into more than three thousand servings of the drug.

In the course of his official activities, it turned out that the man is also wanted by the District Court in Chorzów to serve a sentence of 1 year in prison for the crime of beating. Therefore, the Pole and the detained drugs were transferred to the City Police Headquarters in Chorzów, which conducts further procedural steps related to the committed crime under Art. 62 sec. 2 of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, for which the perpetrator may be punished by imprisonment from 1 to 10 years.