Operational support from the Romanian Border Police, in managing migration from the Croatian-Slovenian border

Seventeen Romanian border guards returned to the country who were part of the contingent seconded for a month to the border between Slovenia and Croatia, where they participated in a joint operation to combat illegal migration, together with the Slovenian police.

Based on the request of the Slovenian authorities and the Joint Arrangement between the authorities of the Romanian Border Police and the Slovenian Police on the establishment of joint patrols and other forms of joint action to manage illegal migration at the state border between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia, Romanian Border Police expressed its readiness to support the Slovenian authorities.

Between August 2 and 31, 24 Romanian border guards who are part of the operative structures of the RBP., equipped with individual equipment and 7 special vehicles, were seconded in order to participate in a joint operation, together with the Slovenian police.

The attributions and responsibilities of the Romanian border guards were concentrated at the Slovenian-Croatian border, in order to carry out specific actions on the line of illegal migration.

During the operational mission, the members of the contingent exchanged data and information with the police of the host State on illegal migration and other related offenses, as well as with the representatives of the other Member States participating in this joint operation.

On 01.09.2021, seventeen members of the contingent returned to the country, and at the request of the Slovenian side, seven border guards will continue their mission in the southern border area of Slovenia, following border surveillance missions. together with the Slovenian police.

The collaboration represented the essential element regarding the participation of the Romanian border policemen in this type of actions, not only with the Slovenian authorities, but also with the other contingents seconded from other states from the European Union.