Laredo Sector US CBP agents halt narcotic smuggling attempt in Zapata, Texas

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Zapata Station halted a narcotic smuggle attempt in Zapata, Texas.

 On June 4, Border Patrol agents while working their assigned duties received information of possible narcotics smuggling in the brush south of Zapata. Agents arrived in the area and began to track several individuals in the brush. Agents came upon several bundles of possible narcotics. After a search of the area agents located several more bundles and were able to apprehend one subject. Record checks were conducted on the individual, and it was revealed that he was in the country illegally from Mexico.

 The bundles tested positive for marijuana and had a total weight of 685 lbs. with a street value of $548,000. The case was turned over to the DEA.