Maxi drug seizure at the jetties at the entrance to Sicily

Italian Customs officers have seized, at the landing stages of the ferries that connect Sicily to Calabria, about 30 kilos of marijuana, hidden on board an ambulance, identified during the checks carried out on the vehicles that disembark from the ferries coming from Villa San Giovanni. The operation was carried out as part of the intensification of the economic control of the territory ordered by the Top Authority and thanks to the consolidated investigative experience gained by the Fiamme Gialle of the Messina Group, thanks to the precious help of the anti-drug dogs of the Section Dog lovers of the same department. In this context, the soldiers of the Peloritan department were attracted by the attitude of the anti-drug dog Ghimly, highly specialized in operations of the species,

The young German shepherd, after a first routine external survey, showed evident signs of the presence of a significant load of narcotic substance, which was actually found. The drug, ready to invade the thriving Sicilian market, could have yielded, at retail, illicit earnings of around € 300,000.00. The driver, MF cl. 81, from Messina, resident in the district of Santa Lucia, whose family unit receives “citizenship income”, was then arrested in flagrant crime for drug trafficking and subsequently subjected to precautionary custody in prison, awaiting trial , available to the Messina Judicial Authority.

As well as the accomplice of the traffic, FG cl. 75, also from Messina, residing in the Aldisio district, burdened with a criminal record, recipient, moreover, of “citizenship income”, was arrested and associated with the Gazzi Prison. Upon completion of the check, cash, cell phones and a “blank” gun without the red cap were also seized. Today’s operation testifies to the continuous and daily commitment of the Guardia di Finanza and the Messina Public Prosecutor’s Office to protect legality and made it possible to prevent the placing on the illegal market of a considerable quantity of drugs which, as is well known, constitutes the main source of income for local criminal organizations, including those of mafia origin. In times of pandemics in which, as is well known,