Meeting of the heads of border authorities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, at the headquarters of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police

A delegation of the Border Police from the Republic of Moldova was received by Mr. Victor-Ştefan IVAŞCU, the police chief, the general inspector of the Romanian Border Police.

The agenda of the activity concerned concrete aspects regarding the implementation of the coordinated control of persons, means of transport and goods crossing the state border through the crossing point from Albita, as well as the operationalization of new border crossing points at the common border (e.g. PTF Bumbăta – Leova).

On the occasion of the meeting , the Plan for the development of the cooperation of the border institutions of Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the year 2023 was also signed and, together with the Moldovan officials, the operative situation and the stage of the cooperation of the border institutions of Romania and the Republic of Moldova and directions for improving them.

The meeting took place in the space that hosts exhibits of the Romanian Border Police Museum and included two visits – one to the Operational Coordination Center where a presentation of its capabilities took place and one to the National Passenger Intelligence Unit in order to familiarize the Moldovan delegation with the activity carried out at the level of this structure.

In this context, the head of the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova offered a police uniform to be exhibited in the collection of police uniforms of the PFR museum.

At the end, the delegation from the Republic of Moldova appreciated the permanent mode of cooperation with the Romanian side for the consolidation of the state border surveillance system and the operational exchange of information in the field of preventing and combating cross-border criminality.