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More than 1000 liters of illegal alcohol were seized by Bulgarian customs officers

Customs officers from the “Customs Intelligence and Investigation” Department at TD Bourgas Customs seized 1011 liters of illegal ethyl alcohol in canisters. The excise goods were hidden in a metal building on private property.

On 26.01.2023, a team of customs officers during control actions carried out an inspection of a private property on the territory of the municipality of Sredets, in which a metal hall is located. During the inspection, the inspectors found that the hall consisted of two rooms, of which the large room was empty, but in the second inner room, 12 large plastic canisters with a capacity of up to 120 liters were found, containing a liquid with characteristics of ethyl alcohol and a color and smell of brandy.

During the inspection, the occupant of the property did not submit any documents about the origin of the alcohol and about excise duty paid or secured for it, according to the provisions of the Act on Excise Duty and Tax Warehouses. The man stated in his explanations that the alcohol was his “home brandy”, which he brewed and collected.

Illegal ethyl alcohol with a total amount of 1011 liters was detained. Samples were taken for laboratory analysis. Administrative criminal proceedings will be initiated in this case.