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More than 140,000 pieces smuggled cigarettes were detained by the Bulgarian customs officers of Kapitan Andreevo BCP

The customs officers of  Kapitan Andreevo BCP discovered more than 140,000 pieces smuggled cigarettes during two inspections of vehicles entering the country from Turkey.

In one of the cases, a truck with Turkish registration arrived at the checkpoint on 02/09/2023 on its way from Iraq to Germany, driven by a Turkish citizen. According to the “risk analysis” method, the vehicle is selected for a thorough customs check, including with X-ray equipment. During the subsequent physical control, 6,130 boxes (122,600 pieces) of cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise label were found in boxes of clothes in the cargo area.

The day before, 900 boxes (18,000 pieces) of cigarettes were found in a “MERCEDES B 200 CDI” car. The tobacco products, which did not have a Bulgarian excise label, were found under the passenger compartment, between the floor and the protective plastic cover of the car. In the vehicle. the guide and his companion – Bulgarian citizens – traveled from Turkey to Bulgaria.

Smuggled tobacco products were seized. The drivers of the vehicles were charged under the Customs Act for attempting to transport excise goods – cigarettes without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities.

In the first 10 days of February alone, the customs officers of the Kapitan Andreevo BCP detained nearly 20,000 boxes (400,000 pieces) of cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise label.