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Nearly 65,000 pieces smuggled cigarettes were discovered by the Bulgarian customs officers 

64,800 pieces (3,240 boxes) of smuggled cigarettes were found by the customs officials during three inspections of the Kapitan Andreevo.

In one of the cases, a truck with Turkish registration entered the country on 31.01.2023. The driver of the truck, a Turkish citizen, submitted regular documents for the goods transported from Turkey to the Netherlands. The vehicle has been selected for a thorough customs inspection, including with X-ray equipment. During the subsequent physical control in factory cavities in the front wall of the truck, 1,620 boxes (32,400 pieces) of cigarettes without a Bulgarian excise label were found.

The day before, on 30/01/2023, 950 boxes (19,000 pieces) of cigarettes were found in another truck with Turkish registration. The tobacco products, which were without an excise label, were found among the declared goods in the cargo room. The truck was carrying goods from Turkey to Great Britain.

The third case is from 29.01.2023, when a thorough customs check revealed that 670 boxes (13,400 pieces) of cigarettes were found in a specially built cache in the right chest of the semi-trailer of a truck transporting goods to the Netherlands.

Contraband tobacco products were seized. The three drivers – Turkish citizens – were charged under the Customs Act for attempting to transport excise goods – cigarettes without the knowledge and permission of the customs authorities. One of the drivers was also charged with the presence of a cache in the truck.

In the month of January, the customs officers of  Kapitan Andreevo BCP seized 3,214,960 cigarettes (160,748 boxes) without a Bulgarian excise label.