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Guides, couriers, illegal migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border

49 people trying to illegally cross from Belarus to Poland were revealed yesterday (February 8). 3 couriers and 2 guides were also detained

Events related to illegal migration were recorded in sections protected by Border Guard Posts in: Płaska, Czeremsze, Dubicze Cerkiewne and Mielnik. In the area of ​​Płaska, a group was revealed that crossed the border river Wołkuszanka on Polish territory. The foreigners were led by 2 guides (a citizen of Turkey and a citizen of Turkmenistan). In the area of ​​Dubicze Cerkiewne, a dozen or so people were also noticed who abandoned their efforts to force the border of our country and retreated to Belarus.

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Nowy Dwór detained 2 Ukrainian citizens who admitted that they had come to the border area to pick up illegal migrants. In turn, the Border Guard patrol from Dubeninki (Warmia and Mazury Border Guard Unit), cooperating with officers from the Border Guard Post in Rutka-Tartak in the Wiżajny commune, selected a Mercedes with Dutch registration plates for inspection. It turned out that a 56-year-old Dutchman was transporting 2 foreigners who left the center for foreigners in Latvia on their own accord.

The detained migrants came from: Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, India and Bangladesh.