New EU-funded training modules for Libyan Coastguard and Navy ended in Italy and Croatia

In the wider framework of training carried out by SOPHIA operation, at the end of September more courses have been completed, both in Italian and Croatian facilities.

The Italian Navy Training Centres in La Maddalena and Taranto provided the Libyan Coastguard and Navy students with different training modules, namely “Deck Officer Course”, “Mechanical Engineer Officer Course” and “Electrical Basic Engineer Officer Course” and “Stress Inoculation Training.” The Croatian Navy Training Center in Split (Croatia) has also provided the “Advance Ship’s Diver Course”. 

Since October 2016, Operation SOPHIA has been fully involved in training the Libyan Coastguard and Navy to improve security within the Libyan territorial waters and in Central Mediterranean Sea. 

Alike every training opportunities provided by Operation Sophia, in addition to the specific matters taught during the courses, additional classes integrate the professional education enhancing the focus on Human Rights, to include minors and women’s rights, Basic First Aid, Gender Policy and correct handling procedure to treat migrants on the occasion of search and rescue (SAR) activities. 

Upon conclusion of these courses, Operation Sophia has provided more than 550 training opportunities to Libyan Coastguard and Navy personnel. 

EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia (ENFM) is a Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) operation, focused on disrupting the business model of migrant smugglers and human traffickers, and contributing to EU efforts for the return of stability and security in Libya and the Central Mediterranean region.

ENFM is the first EU maritime force providing maritime security in the Central Mediterranean and works closely with different national, international, governmental and non-governmental, civilian and military organizations. Initially launched in 2015, ENFM is part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to migration.