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Twenty-two foreign nationals rescued from Danube waters by Mehedinţi border guards

On 01.11.2021 at the Șvinița Border Police Sector, Mehedinți County, information was received from the Serbian Border Police, which requested the support of the Romanian authorities to intervene. with a boat equipped to rescue people in danger on the Danube River.

A rescue operation was immediately launched, the border guards from the Șvinița Border Police Sector intervening with a boat equipped with PFR equipment. Thus, approximately 200 meters from the Serbian bank of the Danube, near km. flv. In 995, an inflatable boat was discovered with a group of twenty-two people, adults and children.

The inflatable boat was overloaded, the number of people allowed (seven) to sail safely was much exceeded, the engine was defective, and foreign nationals were forced to row with improvised oars.

Following the intervention of the Romanian Border Police boat crew, the persons in question, citizens of India and Iraq, were rescued and taken safely to the Serbian coast, where they were taken over by the crews from the neighboring country, to provide them with specialized support.