Migrants Decided to Return to Belarus, Refusing to Fly to Iraq

A group of 14 illegal migrants were spotted in the Varėna district on Tuesday, about 300 meters from the border with Belarus. These foreigners were taken to the Alexander Barauskas headquarters , where they were fed, settled, rested, and so on.

12 migrants are Iraqi nationals with documents. Two undocumented foreigners introduced themselves as Somali nationals. Among the Iraqi citizens were two families consisting of married couples and 3 minors each. The remaining two Iraqi citizens are single men.

On Tuesday, medics were called in to examine the group shortly. Several migrants complained about their health, and one woman with a child and two men were taken to medical facilities. No medical disorders or diseases have been identified for the minor in Kaunas clinics after medical examination and examination. The absence of health risks and disorders has also been established in two adults. On the same Tuesday, all four foreigners were returned to the A. Barauskas headquarters from medical institutions. Migrants spent the night there.

Specialists for the protection of the rights of minors visited the firewall on Tuesday until late and assessed the condition and conditions of the minors. According to preliminary data, there were no comments for border guards.

The border guards submitted a proposal to the families that they could voluntarily return from Lithuania to their country of origin, ie Iraq, with the help of international organizations. The families declined the offer. After evaluating the information received and consulting, the migrants decided to return to Belarus with their minors.

The border guards then provided them with humanitarian supplies.