New rescue missions in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea successfully completed by the Romanian border police

As part of a search and rescue operation carried out in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Romanian border police rescued several people at risk in a boat, no less than 151 citizens foreigners (149 adults and 2 minors, originally from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and India) being taken on board the maritime patrol vessel MAI 1107 of the Coast Guard. They were permanently supervised until they disembarked in the port, they were given medical assistance, and later they were taken over by the authorities of the Italian Republic.

Another rescue operation at sea by the Romanian border police took place at the end of May, on 30.05.2023, when the crew on board the surveillance and port control sloop MAI 3066 detected and intercepted a small boat in the territorial sea of ​​the Italian Republic. The Romanian border police rescued 8 men from Tunisia from the boat , provided them with medical assistance and landed them safely in the port of Pantelleria island.  

A day earlier, the same crew of the Romanian Border Police ensured the safe towing of a sailboat with 58 people on board to the port of Augusta Island . When the sailboat was identified, it was drifting, unable to maneuver due to malfunctions.

Upon completion of the rescue actions, the Coast Guard ships resumed their missions within the Frontex operation.