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Nineteen Syrian citizens tried to enter the country illegally by crossing the Danube river in a boat

Border police officers stopped a car in which there were two Romanian citizens, who could not they justify their presence in the area.

Following their identification and inspection of the vehicle, two plastic bags containing 19 mobile phones that did not belong to them were discovered.      

Officers launched an action as a result of which 19 people, 15 men and 4 women, were discovered in the vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the bank of the Danube river. The persons in question were detained by the border police and taken to the headquarters of the sector for investigation.

Following the body and baggage check, documents were discovered showing that they are Syrian citizens, aged between 13 and 62. At the same time, it was found that the foreign citizens crossed the Danube river with a boat and intended to enter Romania illegally, to then reach Western European countries.

In the case of the two Romanian citizens, criminal files were drawn up for committing the crime of migrant trafficking, and the foreign citizens who committed the crime of entering the country by illegally crossing the state border, were taken over by the Bulgarian authorities, in order to continue the investigations. and the disposition of the required legal measures.