Official meeting of the Romanian Border Police leadership with the one in Serbia

During the meeting, the heads of the two delegations analyzed the operative situation at the Romanian-Serbian border, discussed the current issues registered in the area of ​​competence, as well as the way to implement the bilateral agreements.

Regarding the operational situation at the common border, the analysis focused on the evolution of the phenomenon of illegal migration, preventing and combating illegal migration and cross-border crime at the common border, and measures were taken to strengthen surveillance by supplementing both border police staff and surveillance techniques.

In the context of preventing and combating illegal migration, the head of the Romanian delegation proposed intensifying the exchange of data and operational information in order to dismantle migrant trafficking groups, noting that this will lead to effective management of illegal crossings.

The Serbian side appreciated the daily information it receives on groups of migrants moving to Serbia, near the border, saying that these groups have been removed from the border area and directed to accommodation or asylum centers. At the same time, the Serbian official presented the situation of illegal migration on the territory of Serbia, specifying that the greatest pressure remains on the southern and eastern border of Serbia, which is why the Serbian side has asked for support from EU states.

Both delegations concluded that 2020 was a different year in the context of the pandemic with the new SARS-CoV-2 virus, meaning that the two structures were involved in new activities, without affecting the main institutional responsibilities, namely preventing and combating crime. cross-border.

This visit is part of the program carried out by the Romanian Border Police in order to intensify international inter-institutional collaboration relations in the border field, in order to ensure border security.