On the Polish-Lithuanian section, Border Guard officers detained another 4 couriers and 12 foreigners who had crossed the border illegally

On the August 29, when a patrol from the local Border Guard post stopped a Dacia vehicle in Augustów with Polish registration numbers for inspection, it turned out that the driver and a Ukrainian passenger were carrying 4 Afghan citizens in the car. Another courier in Giby was stopped by a patrol of officers from the Border Guard Post in Sejny, together with police officers. 

A Lithuanian citizen in Hyundai was transporting 4 foreigners (2 Congo nationals, a Ghanaian and a Gambian citizen). On the same day, officers from the Border Guard Post in Sejny, in Ogrodniki, detained a Turkmen citizen carrying 4 Afghan citizens. All transported foreigners did not have documents that would entitle them to legally enter and stay in our country. They were detained, then they will be transferred to the Lithuanian side as part of readmission. Couriers (citizens of Ukraine, Lithuania and Turkmenistan) will be charged with organizing illegal border crossings.