The Romanian border police once again raised the anchor for a new international operation carried out under the auspices of FRONTEX

Between 17.03.2023 – 22.05.2023, the maritime surveillance vessel MAI 1106, newly assigned to the Romanian Border Police, will participate in the Joint Operation ” THEMIS 2023″, organized by the European Agency FRONTEX (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the Borders of the Member States of the European Union), which will take place at the external maritime borders of the EU

The Romanian Border Police Ship has a crew of 28 members and will carry out individual patrol, search, search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea, at the maritime border of southern Italy, alongside the police and law enforcement forces of all states EU members participating in the mission.

It will be considered the undertaking of joint measures in the line of controlling migratory flows at the maritime borders of the community space, increasing the efficiency of the exchange of data and information between the law enforcement authorities of these countries, as well as an effective exchange of experience between European border police officers .

We remind you that the purchase of this maritime patrol vessel gives the Romanian Border Police an increase in its operative intervention capacity, for carrying out specific missions in order to ensure the respect of the rights of the Romanian state in the maritime waters in the area of ​​competence, the supervision and control of the maritime border, the prevention and combating illegal migration and specific acts of cross-border crime, searching for vessels in danger and rescuing their crews.

Also, in the context of the management of the migration phenomenon at the external borders of the EU, the purchase of new means of naval mobility is opportune to fulfill the commitments assumed by the Romanian Border Police towards the Frontex Agency, regarding the deployment of technical equipment in joint operations carried out at the border external maritime of the EU.

The main objective of the “THEMIS” Joint Operation is to assist the Italian authorities in the surveillance and control of the maritime borders of the European Union, as well as search and rescue of persons in distress at sea (Search and Rescue) at the external border of the European Union.

The activity is a continuation of the border control operations, organized by Frontex, in which the Romanian Border Police made a significant contribution, both in terms of technical means and the number, profiles and professionalism of the seconded experts, the appreciations coming both from the Italian authorities and from the Frontex Agency. The operation is financed by the Frontex Agency.