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One and a half tons of hashish seized in four operations in the port of Malaga

The Spanish Civil Guard, in coordination with the Customs Surveillance Service of the State Tax Administration Agency, – within the framework of application established in the Action Plan of the AEAT and the Secretary of State for Security relating to Tax Protection missions -, in just two months, it has intercepted four caches of hashish that were trying to be introduced into Spain through the port of Malaga. Three people have been arrested who, using the ferry that connects Melilla with Malaga and the recent new commercial line with Tangier, have tried to bring 1,452 kilograms of hashish into the peninsula. 

The physical controls and border and customs inspections on travelers and merchandise, enhanced by the increase in the arrival of merchandise, have been combined with important research and risk analysis work established by the Tax Agency, which have come to put to the public discovered different methods to hide and disguise the illicit goods that were intended to be introduced through the Malaga port. 

Modus Operandi

These four caches, seized by agents belonging to the Fiscal and Border Section of the Civil Guard of the port of Malaga and the Cynological Service of the Civil Guard Command of Malaga, in accordance with the guidelines of the Tax Agency, were perfectly hidden and hidden in double bottoms carried out in four trailers that have also been seized. 

In the first intervention, after an exhaustive reconnaissance of a semi-trailer from Tangier, a total of 305 kilograms of hashish arranged in pills weighing 100 grams were located in a double bottom made for this purpose on the ground and in the front of it. . 

Similarly, in another semi-trailer from Tangier, another 477 kilograms of hashish was located in the same hiding place as the previous one. 

In a third intervention, in another semi-trailer from Tangier, 666 kilograms of hashish were located. On this occasion, the drugs were hidden in a double bottom located in the floor and on the sides of the semi-trailer. The last arrest was made in another semi-trailer from Melilla. 

The civil guards located some modifications made to it consisting of two metal structures attached to the underside of the semi-trailer and inside which four kilograms of hashish were located. 

In the four actions carried out, three people have been arrested, and almost a ton and a half (1,452 kg) of hashish has been seized. The different actions have been carried out by members of the Fiscal and Border Section of the Civil Guard of the Port of Malaga and the Cynological Service of the Command of the Civil Guard of Malaga.