Poland Expects Influx From Belarus Amid Ongoing Protests

The Polish authorities are expecting an influx of citizens seeking to enter the country, from Belarus, after the latter has been facing violent protests for more than a month now, due to President Alexander Lukashenko reelection, which were held on August 9.

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Prydacz said that Poland wants to maintain border security, after bracing itself for an influx of persons from the neighbouring country, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

According to the protestors in Belarus, Lukashenko rigged the presidential election to win.

“We have already reviewed the law, so as also to be prepared for a possible wave of people who want to get to the territory of the EU. You need to consider support for people who need to pass the border quickly, but we must be responsible for our European partners, that is, the Schengen border,” Przydacz pointed out.