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Polish Border Guards detained six human traffickers on the Polish-Belarusian state border

The Border Guard patrol from the local outpost in the vicinity of Krynki inspected the Volkswagen Sharan. It turned out that two Ukrainian citizens had just picked up seven Egyptian citizens from the agreed place in order to transport them to Germany. Illegal migrants to Poland got to Poland through the border river Svisloch. In addition, in the vicinity of the inspection site, another Egyptian citizen left behind, who was not picked up by couriers due to lack of space in the car, was revealed.

On the same day, officers also from the Border Guard Post in Krynki detained another courier who came to pick up and transport illegal migrants to the west of Europe. In the area of ​​Kruszyniany, the citizen of Ukraine was waiting for two Syrian citizens.

In turn, officers from the Border Guard Post in Leipzig detained a Ukrainian citizen who was transporting eight Somali citizens.

The next two couriers were detained by officers from the Border Guard Post in Michałów. In the area of ​​Lewsze, a Polish citizen transported eight Syrian citizens, and a Georgian citizen arrested for inspection in the area of ​​Szymki was carrying two Syrians.