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Two guides, remanded in custody for migrant trafficking

As part of an action to prevent and combat illegal migration, the border guards from the Sânnicolau Mare Border Police Sector found ten Turkish citizens in the area of ​​competence, who tried to enter Romania from Serbia illegally. In the illegal action, the migrants were supported by a Turkish citizen and a Sri Lankan citizen, who are being investigated in pre-trial detention for the crime of trafficking in migrants.

The border police carried out the regulatory signals for stopping an Opel car, registered in Romania, about which there were suspicions that the driver was transporting migrants from the border area. Following the check, it was found that the driver was a citizen of Sri Lanka, holder of a residence permit in Romania, who was accompanied by five Turkish citizens, holders of identity cards issued by the Turkish authorities.

Shortly afterwards, a German-registered car arrived from behind the parked car, and its driver refused to stop at the signals of the border police crew. The car was tracked down, and it was stopped at the entrance to Sânnicolau Mare.

At the scene, the border guards found that the car was driven by a Turkish citizen, and inside it were five compatriots, all men.

The twelve foreign nationals were taken to the headquarters of the research sector.

During the checks, the border guards determined that the persons in question were between 17 and 45 years old, the Turkish citizens declaring that they had illegally crossed the border from Serbia to Romania, on foot, with the intention of reaching Germany with the support of their compatriot. and the Sri Lankan citizen.

In the case of the border police, they are conducting investigations under the coordination of a prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Timiş Tribunal, for committing the crime of ” illegal crossing of the state border ” by Turkish citizens.