Polish Border Guards Seize Illegal Munitions and Drugs

Officers from the SG branch in Kłodzko together with Lower Silesian policemen and officers of the Lower Silesian Customs and Tax Office secured 3,000 pieces of ammunition, over 39 pieces of various types and caliber firearms and over 6 kg of marijuana.

Two men suspected of drug offenses and of having weapons and ammunition authorized were detained.

As a result of a search of the property in the Kłodzko poviat, officers also revealed equipment for the production of drugs and half a kilo of black powder.

Machines for the production of ammunition and 55 sabers were secured on site, as well as money in various currencies in the total amount of about 30 thousand. zł. The objects were hidden in a building occupied by men.

In the search, officers accompanied the Border Guard service dog, which led to an illegal drying room used in drug dealing. The dryer was located in a specially prepared room for this purpose and was equipped with specialized heating devices, thermometers, filters, as well as vents and objects used for processing narcotic drugs.

Men, aged 30 and 64, were taken to police custody. They are punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment for their crimes. At the request of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, which oversees the proceedings, the court applied a preventive measure against them in the form of pre-trial detention for a period of 3 months.