Three Romanian citizens, investigated for migrant trafficking

Romanian border police officers from the Oraviţa Border Police Sector found, in an action to combat illegal migration, carried out in Caras-Severin County, three Romanians who supported six citizens of India in an attempt to cross the border illegally.

The border policemen from the Oraviţa Border Police Sector carried out a specific action on the line of combating illegal migration in the area of ​​competence. Thus a border police patrol stopped for checks, within Goruia locality (DJ 581), Caraş Severin county, a BMW car registered in Romania, driven by a female person, domiciled in the county, Alba.

Shortly afterwards, our workers stopped another vehicle, the Mercedes Vito brand, registered in Romania, with which two Romanian citizens were traveling, residing in Hunedoara County. Six foreign nationals, five men and a woman, without identity documents, were found in the vehicle as passengers.

As there was a suspicion that the BMW car had the role of forerunner, the border police took the Romanian and foreign citizens to the headquarters of the institution for investigations.

During the verifications, it was established that the discovered persons are citizens of India, aged between 25 and 35 years. Also, during the research, it was established that the Romanian citizens intended to help the six Indians in their attempt to reach a state in Western Europe.

In the case, the border policemen are conducting investigations, under the coordination of the prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Caraş Severin Tribunal, under the aspect of committing the crime of migrant trafficking for the three Romanian citizens and fraudulent crossing of the state border for the six Indians.