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PureTech and Will-Burt Collaboration Launch Modular Mobile Surveillance System, M2S2

The two companies had joined forces, creating a Modular Mobile Surveillance System, better known as M2S2. At the heart of this technological solution was PureTech’s COP (Common Operational Picture) software, seamlessly integrated with Will-Burt’s Compact Elevation System (CES) with Stiletto AL telescopic mast and an extensive sensor package that included the PVP cameras and SRC radar.

The Stiletto AL, a lightweight and highly accurate electro-mechanical mast, extended effortlessly to a height of 4 meters, providing an unobstructed vantage point for the high-resolution visible and thermal cameras mounted atop. As the mast extended within 2 minutes, the COP software came to life, automatically detecting, tracking, and classifying any human activity within its surroundings. The real-time data streamed directly onto large display, offering a comprehensive situational awareness.

“The ability to rapidly deploy this mobile surveillance solution and adapt to variable conditions is a game-changer in border protection and critical infrastructure security alike,” said Larry Bowe, President & CEO of PureTech Systems.

“The M2S2 system is a prime example of how our collaboration brings forward technological advancements that ensure superior performance and adaptability in the field,” stated Barry Page, VP of Mast Sales & Programs – Americas for Will-Burt.“