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Recovered in the port of Algeciras 24 high-end vehicles stolen in the United States

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, within the framework of the “American Stuff” operation, have recovered 24 vehicles stolen in the United States at the facilities of the port of Algeciras.

The researchers, in the context of the risk analyzes carried out in the port of Algeciras during the past year, had detected an increase in the illicit traffic of high-end vehicles coming from the United States through containers.

As a result of the control, identification and inspection of containers destined for or in transit in Spain, which are carried out daily at the container terminal in the port of Algeciras, a phase of intensification of services oriented towards to checking containers in transit likely to carry stolen vehicles from the US bound for African countries.

As a result of the operation, a total of 24 high-end vehicles were seized during the month of January, with a total market value of two million euros.

The agents have been able to verify that they were stolen vehicles in the United States for which they have been returned, with whose authorities they are collaborating in order to continue with the investigations.