The Spanish National Police dismantled a criminal organization that introduced cocaine by air from Ecuador

Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organization allegedly dedicated to introducing cocaine by air from Ecuador. There are twelve detainees in the provinces of Madrid, Menorca and Murcia, seven of whom have been placed in provisional prison, allegedly related to the criminal network dedicated to introducing the narcotic through the Madrid airport in luggage suitcases. In total, 70 kilograms of cocaine recently imported from Ecuador, 155,000 euros in cash, three firearms, an electric immobilizer gun, telecommunications equipment and geolocation devices have been seized.

The investigation began when the presence in our country of an organization was detected, based in various Spanish provinces, which was perfectly structured and hierarchical, which had the necessary economic potential to be able to carry out periodic imports of cocaine.

They introduced the drugs in suitcases, evading luggage controls

These imports were made mainly through hidden suitcases on flights from the countries producing this substance to our country, evading the routine controls to which luggage is subjected both at origin and destination.

The investigation began in Menorca, where one of the main organizers of the importation of this narcotic substance resided. After several efforts, the agents verified that he maintained numerous personal contacts with other people residing in different cities such as Vigo or Alicante.

These contacts always took place in Madrid, where the members of the organization went to plan the importation and subsequent distribution of the narcotic. At the head of this organization was a person of Spanish nationality who had extensive economic potential and numerous contacts to be able to clandestinely introduce suitcases that hid the narcotic in the main producing countries.

The leader of the organization was in charge of contacting criminal organizations based in Ecuador, with the ability to clandestinely introduce suitcases into the national airport, evading routine controls in order to be sent to Spain.

Thus, for the reception in our country, the network had the collaboration of two people, one of them residing in Menorca and the other in Vigo, who had to orchestrate the reception of the suitcases and their subsequent distribution.

At the time of receiving the suitcases, which contained 70 kg of cocaine inside, the detainees were accompanied by other people who intended to provide security for both reception and distribution. They went aboard high-end vehicles where they intended to load the suitcases so they could transport them to other parts of Spain and distribute the narcotic substance.

As a result of this operation, the agents managed to arrest twelve people – 10 in Madrid, one in Murcia and another in Menorca with the collaboration of the Civil Guard. A total of 70 kg of cocaine recently imported from Ecuador, 155,000 euros in cash, 3 high-end vehicles, 3 firearms, an electric immobilizer gun, as well as telecommunications equipment and geolocation devices were seized.