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Romanian border guards from the Coast Guard caught two Romanians trafficking eight foreign nationals from Romania from Bulgaria

Border guards from the Coast Guard launched an action on preventing and combating illegal migration in the area of ​​competence.

Thus, around 18:30, near Independența locality, Constanţa county, following the surveillance of the area, the border police noticed two Romanian citizens, who were climbing several people, initially hidden in the vegetation on the side of the road, in the two cars. which they led.

Shortly afterwards, our workers stopped the two vehicles, finding that the people transported, five men and three women, are not Romanian citizens and do not justify their presence. The ten people, the drivers and the eight foreign nationals, were taken to the border police headquarters for investigation.

Following the verifications, it was established that the eight are Syrian citizens , aged between 20 and 25, who fraudulently crossed the Romanian state border from Bulgaria.

The foreign citizens were taken over by the Bulgarian border authorities, through the Negru Vodă Border Crossing Point, based on the Readmission Agreement between Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria, and the Romanian authorities are conducting investigations in terms of committing crimes of migrant trafficking and entry into the country. illegal use of the state border , under the direct coordination of the prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Constanța Court.