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Secure identity verification in the field with secunet biomiddle mobile

By Marc Schulz, secunet Security Networks AG

Game changer for modern police work
During police operations in the field, officers are dependent on being able to prove the identity of suspicious persons or criminals beyond any doubt. While the duty of identification creates the basis for establishing personal data, the police must also be equipped with all the technical requirements for this. Intelligent applications based on secunet biomiddle mobile provide the basis – simple, fast and intuitive to use.

To ensure quality and efficiency of police work, modernization should not end at the desk but rather expand into the active field as well. The identity verification process should be fast and reliable to create the populations acceptance of police measures, which makes intelligent applications indispensable in daily usage and the fight against illegal migration.

With secunet biomiddle mobile, secunet provides procedurally relevant functions in any smartphone or tablet app in the simplest possible way. Among other things, secunet biomiddle mobile enables mobile reading and checking of ID documents, facial comparisons, fingerprint recording, communication with background systems during searches, as well as the digitalization of vehicle information and entire processes. It also provides the basis for other police-relevant functions such as the provision of existing web applications on smartphones, including the use of all secunet biomiddle functions such as MRZ or vehicle license plate scanning from within the web application. The solution, which has been developed in collaboration with the German Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI), can be used as the core for a wide range of smart police apps where document or identity verification and biometrics applications are only few examples.

Over 30,000 police officers already use smart apps based on secunet biomiddle mobile every day
Thanks to the long-standing innovative partnership with the German Federal Police, secunet biomiddle mobile can be individually tailored to the needs of any authority. This is why the application now has more than 22,000 licenses in the field of different police authorities, as well as 30,000 active users every day.

The modular, scalable security approach of secunet biomiddle mobile represents the universal and modular toolbox for nearly any police relevant workflow needed to be implemented into a mobile application. In this way secunet provides the catalyst for modern police work to go mobile. And when combined with SINA mobile it enables mobile police work in conjunction with even higher protected data (VS-NfD) and communication. Existing functionalities can thus be easily integrated into the application as part of a modular system and supplemented with new extensions, such as apps for digital transaction processing or for connecting to background systems.

The ongoing app development includes additional police processes and features like optical fingerprint recording via smartphone camera or extensive logging of performed processes to fulfill regulatory requirements. Overall, secunet biomiddle mobile provides crucial support for modern police work on both major platforms (Android and iOS) and will continue to help increase efficiency, quality and security in the field, while being continuously adapted to the needs of the authorities.