Seized half a ton of hashish hidden in a truck that was driving on the A-2

The Spanish Civil Guard has arrested in Guadalajara the driver of a truck that was circulating on the A-2 with 530 kilos of hashish.

The arrest took place during a device within the framework of the “Comprehensive Operational Plan against Hashish Trafficking (TELOS II)”.

The agents were at kilometer 73 of the A-2 motorway, in the municipality of Torija, when they verified the license plate of a truck that was driving through the area, checking in the databases of police interest that it had a possible documentation stolen from the tractor unit and the semi-trailer.

For this reason, he was intercepted at the Torija Industrial Estate to identify his driver and check the vehicle’s documentation. During the search, the semi-trailer load was empty but the agents noticed some metal sheets that were placed irregularly. Given these indications, the sheets were raised, locating three double bottoms where 53 large packages containing hashish tablets were housed.

Due to the facts exposed, a 43-year-old man was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health for drug trafficking. The arrest was carried out by the Citizen Security Unit of the Guadalajara Command (USECIC) and the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team took charge of the drug and the corresponding proceedings.