Seized in the port of Valencia 5.5 tons of cocaine

In a joint operation between the Spanish Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, 5,592 kilos of cocaine camouflaged in a container from South America have intervened in the port of Valencia. This is the largest cocaine seizure in Spain for more than four years, the third intervention in a single container according to CITCO records and the most important in the port of Valencia since records exist.

The development of the research

The actions begin in 2021, as a result of various legal imports into the national territory of fruit and vegetables, taking advantage of the legal trade in this type of merchandise from the other side of the Atlantic that could be used for the transatlantic drug trade. As a result of these investigations, it was possible to intervene in the month of September in the port of Barcelona a piece of merchandise inside which 70 kilos of cocaine were hidden.

Continuing with the investigations, the agents located in the Port of Valencia a container from South America that could be used to introduce drugs. For this reason, the agents proceeded to inspect it, locating more than 5.5 tons of cocaine hidden inside, along with the merchandise whose importation was legal.

Once the drug has been ‘cut’, those more than five tons could have reached a value in the illicit market of more than 340 million euros.

The performances continue

Currently, the investigation is still open, while it is trying to determine, on the one hand, those responsible for the introduction of the narcotic substance and, on the other hand, the people who would later be in charge of the distribution of the drug in our country. country.

The action has been carried out by the EDOA of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of Valencia, officials of the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency of Valencia and Madrid and the Risk Analysis Unit (UAR) that make up the ODAIFI of the Guard Civil and the Tax Agency (through the Customs Surveillance Service).

The purpose of this unit is to carry out permanent control and analysis of international merchandise traffic.