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Smiths Detection launches HI-SCAN 7555 DV dual-view X-ray scanner with enhanced capabilities

Smiths Detection today announces the launch of the HI-SCAN 7555 DV. A dual-view X-ray scanner, the HI-SCAN 7555 DV delivers superior image quality, automatic explosives detection, and a compact footprint, to provide efficient screening in high threat applications.

Equipped with an advanced dual-view X-ray scanning system, the new model offers increased operational efficiency by eliminating the need to re-position or rescan objects. Smart display functions further support the scanner’s effectiveness, by facilitating accurate and rapid discrimination between substances. Two 120 Hz 24” monitors expedite image evaluation and reduce motion blur, ensuring that operators can make accurate and fast decisions.

The HI-SCAN 7555 DV offers an automated explosives detection algorithm as standard, plus a discretionary ECAC EDS CB C1 certified algorithm in combination with optional iCMORE weapons capability to allow for the automatic detection of weapons. The new scanner is compatible with Checkpoint.Evoplus, Smiths Detection’s central screening and digital management solution, which offers real-time data, allowing actionable insights and health status monitoring. The HI-SCAN 7555 DV can also be equipped with Smiths Detection’s latest automated detection algorithm, iCMORE currency, which assists with the automatic detection of large stacks or bundles of notes.

With a compact footprint, the HI-SCAN 7555 DV has been designed to be easily integrated into both Smiths Detection and third-party lanes, making it ideal for high-throughput environments such as airports, customs, government facilities or embassies.

Richard Thompson, Vice President Marketing, Smiths Detection said: “We are delighted to be delivering enhanced capabilities for our HI-SCAN series, with the launch of the new dual view HI-SCAN 7555 DV. Not only does this scanner offer higher definition images, but the highest level of protection against cyber threats. This addition to our screening portfolio reaffirms our commitment to providing the most advanced security solutions.”