Human Trafficking

Smugglers Employ Dangerous Tactics

Smugglers are elevating dangers faced by illegal immigrants by transporting their human cargo in dangerous ways throughout Big Bend Sector.

Three major smuggling events have been thwarted by Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents and local law-enforcement partners in recent days. The events show the dangerous and potentially deadly risks transnational criminal organizations will take with their human cargo as they exploit those seeking to enter the United States illegally.

Beginning on January 24, there has been a notable increase in illegal immigrants found in sealed cargo trailers, moving trailers, and even livestock trailers. These trailers were not equipped with proper ventilation, food, water, or protection from the elements. Agents made apprehensions of over 80 people in three separate events on January 24, 29, and 30. The number of smuggling attempts and the lengths taken to evade detection has increased throughout Big Bend Sector.

Smugglers were apprehended with active warrants, weapons in the vehicles, and previous criminal histories. Prosecution is on-going for multiple individuals under the appropriate statutes along with seizure of their vehicles, weapons, and trailers. Illegal aliens apprehended are citizens of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.