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Smugglers have unsuccessfully tried to navigate the Katra River

Officers of the Varėna border team of the SBGS at the confluence of the rivers Katra, Ūla and Pelesa in the village of Karaviškiai, Varėna district municipality, noticed a suspicious object.

It turned out to be four boxes covered with black polyethylene film. They contained 2,000 packets of Minsk Capital QS cigarettes. From here it is only 200 meters to the border with Belarus.

Soon, almost a kilometer from the site of the first find, on the coast of Katra, SBGS officers spotted 4 more of the same bundles. Another 2,000 fell into the hands of border guards. packs of cigarettes Minsk Capital QS and 30 packs of Minsk Capital MS.

A total of 4 thousand were found. 30 packets of cigarettes with Belarusian excise stamps. They are temporarily stored at the A. Barauskas border barrier. Officers of this SBGS unit continue to clarify the circumstances of the events.