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Smuggling for over one million levs was discovered during a large-scale operation conducted on the territory of Sliven

During searches at 12 addresses in the city of Sliven and the surrounding area were found and seized sums of money in various currencies, gold jewelry and jewels, totaling over BGN 1,000,000. During the operation, numerous arrests were made, six were involved criminal liability, accused of smuggling excise goods and money laundering. Among those detained is the organizer of the criminal activity, as well as members of his family. 

According to the data collected so far, the criminal group has acted in both directions. The main activity of the detainees was the smuggling of cigarettes from Bulgaria to England, where they were sold at three times the price. At the same time, the carriers were registered as socially weak and, receiving unemployment benefits, illegally drained the social system. They physically transferred the profit to our country. The activities of the accused also included smuggling of industrial goods from Turkey to Bulgaria.