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Spanish Civil Guard detains one of the most dangerous criminals claimed by Ireland in Malaga

The Spanish Civil Guard has arrested in the province of Malaga the Irish citizen GH, known in the criminal field as The Monk, the Monk, a native of Dublin, 58 years old and claimed by the Irish authorities where he is accused of murder.

The investigations to locate and arrest this person began when the Civil Guard, through the Garda Siochana (Irish Police), learned that the Irish Judicial Authorities had accused him of murder in that country, activating a European Order of Detention and Delivery (OEDE).

Given this information, the Justice Fleeing Team of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit began the first steps to locate it, resulting in the fact that it could be found residing in the Canary Islands, where it loses track of it.

Next, the investigators focused their investigations on people from their environment settled on the Costa del Sol, steps that allowed the agents to corroborate that the defendant was residing there, although, they discovered that it has a logistics network that provides what is necessary. so as not to have to leave their hiding place.

Finally, he is located in a house in the center of the town of Fuengirola (Malaga), establishing a discreet surveillance service on it, until on the afternoon of Thursday the 12th, he leaves his home walking through the busy streets of the center of the city. Malaga town, very focused on his safety, making numerous stops and gear changes, until he accesses a well-known restaurant, where he is detained by Civil Guard agents, carrying false documentation at that time.

Subsequently, the Irish authorities issued an International Rogatory Commission requesting the practice of an entry and search in the house that lived in that town, which was carried out on Friday the 13th.

Battle of the Bands

According to La Garda, the detainee was part of the family clan known as Kinahan, dedicated to the criminal world, both in Ireland and on the Spanish Costa del Sol. After an internal dispute, a split occurs and another criminal group led by the now detained emerged, starting a fierce war between clans that has led to about 20 deaths from both sides between Ireland and Spain.

The clashes increased when his nephew was murdered in 2015 in the town of Mijas (Málaga) and GH blamed the Kinahan clan.

The detainee, the Irish authorities, consider him responsible for the events that occurred at the Regency Hotel in Dublin (Ireland) in 2016, where men from his organization, disguised as policemen, murdered a member of the rival clan using weapons of war during the time of the weigh-in for a boxing match, in a clear act of revenge.

The investigations have been carried out by the Justice Fleeing Team of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit, in collaboration with the Garda Siochana and Europol, as well as with the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard at the time of the arrest and with different units of the Malaga Civil Guard Command.