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Spanish National Police arrests 15 people for facilitating the fraudulent residence of Chinese citizens

Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organization based in the province of Malaga with the arrest of 15 people who, allegedly, fraudulently facilitated residence in Spain to citizens of Chinese origin. Through an agency located in the capital of Malaga, the network provided its clients with false documentation to be able to carry out their residency applications. In the operation, 15 people have been arrested in Malaga (9), Torremolinos (4), Madrid (1) and León (1) as alleged perpetrators of crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, belonging to a criminal organization, false documents and money laundering. In addition, cash, bank accounts and real estate valued at 1,700,000 euros have been judicially seized and immobilized.

The investigation originated in May 2019 with the arrest of a citizen of Chinese origin for a crime of false documentation. As a result of that arrest, the inquiries carried out by the agents revealed that numerous Chinese citizens residing in the province of Malaga had carried out the procedures for their regularization through an agency located in the capital of Malaga.

The meticulous analysis of the files presented by this agency allowed the investigators to verify that the network was in charge of providing its clients with false registration and Social Security registration flyers with which to present their residence applications.

Chinese connections

In the specific case of residence applications for family reunification, the agents have verified that the applicants accredited the relationship with their alleged relatives through false notarial acts that came from the People’s Republic of China and where a simple declaration of an alleged family member was reflected. before a notary. Thus, it has been found that many beneficiaries of these requests did not even live in Malaga, and only traveled to the city when the procedures required it, immediately returning to their habitual residence in other provinces or autonomous communities.

After the arduous investigation carried out, the police operation has ended with the arrest of 15 people of Chinese and Spanish nationality, among whom is the leader of the organization. The entry and registration has been carried out in two addresses in Torremolinos and in the agency of the city of Malaga, in which 47,000 euros, 17,300 dollars and 4,120 yuan in cash have been intervened, as well as computers, mobile phones and a large amount documentation relevant to the investigation. A bank account with 35,000 euros and eight properties valued at 1,600,000 euros have also been legally frozen.