Spanish National Police detain a radicalized individual in Ceuta claimed by the French authorities

Agents of the National Police have detained, yesterday, in Ceuta a person on whom a European Order of Detention and Surrender for extradition purposes (OEDE), in force, weighed. On the arrested man there was a claim for his alleged participation in acts linked to jihadist terrorism issued by the French judicial authorities. In addition, there was another request in force by the NCB INTERPOL for the same reason.

According to the information provided by the French police services, the arrested person is classified as having a radicalized profile and has a violent personality that has led him to accumulate numerous arrests for common crimes. 

The exhaustive control over people with a radical profile, as well as the analysis of the information provided by the French authorities, made it possible to locate and later arrest this person. The operation was carried out by agents of the Ceuta Provincial Information Brigade under the coordination of the General Information Commissary.

This arrest is part of the comprehensive strategy developed by the General Information Commission to detect and neutralize people who belong to or collaborate with terrorist organizations that may represent a threat to our country and the international community.