Spanish National Police dismantles a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar

Spanish National Police agents have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking in Campo de Gibraltar. 12 people have been arrested as allegedly responsible for the crimes of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal group and illegal possession of weapons. During the operation, a van carrying 455 kilograms of hashish distributed in 13 bales was intercepted. Two firearms with ammunition, in perfect working order and with the serial number erased, were seized in the “nursery” search.

Within the framework of the Southern Plan for action against drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar, the “Dogoliver” operation began, during which it was possible to detect a property that was being used as a “nursery” by an established criminal organization in Algeciras and with strong ties to other criminal groups located in Ceuta.

This property was located in an area close to the coast, which made it very easy for them to bring the drugs into the house once they had been cleared, as well as quick access to expressways to get the drugs out.

The agents established a surveillance device on the house, in which they managed to identify several people linked to drug trafficking and violent crimes related to the use of firearms. During the surveillance, the investigators detected a van next to the property, which, after being intercepted, hid 13 bundles containing 455 kilograms of hashish inside, for which the driver who had just left the guarded house was arrested.

After finding the drugs in the van, the agents surrounded the house from which one of the residents fled, achieving his immediate arrest, which caused the rest of the residents to lock themselves in when they detected the police presence.

Subsequently, an entry to the property was carried out, hiding five people who were arrested on the spot. Later during the search, various amounts of hashish were found throughout different rooms of the house, as well as two firearms, ammunitioned and in perfect working order, both with the serial number erased. In subsequent days, another six people related to the organization were arrested, mainly in logistical and support tasks.

Those arrested went to court as alleged perpetrators of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal group and illegal possession of weapons.