Dismantled a cocaine trafficking route from South America to Europe

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Polish Police and Europol, have dismantled a criminal organization with nine detainees dedicated mainly to international cocaine trafficking, although they also distributed marijuana and hashish in large shipments from South America and Africa to the entire continent. European.

This group began operating in 2014 with the shipment of narcotic substances from North Africa and South America to European countries such as Poland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In their investigation called the Tunguska-Bratva operation, the agents have verified that upon arrival in our country, the drug was loaded onto trucks that transported it through different European countries.

Each substance had a destination country: cocaine was delivered to Germany and Poland, marijuana was distributed to Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland, while hashish was delivered to Denmark.

The structure and logistics of this organization were mainly based in Spain by citizens of Polish origin along with others of the same nationality employed as truck drivers for international transport companies.

According to the estimates of the agents in charge of the investigation, this organization would have introduced 940 kilos of cocaine and almost 11 tons of marijuana and hashish.

Coordinated actions were carried out in both countries for his arrest. In our country, searches were carried out in several properties on the Costa del Sol in which cocaine, mobile devices and high-end vehicles were intervened. In them, four people were arrested with European arrest warrants and surrender to the Polish authorities under the supervision of the Central Court of Instruction number 3 of the National Court. In these actions, the leader of the organization, based in Spain, was arrested and ordered to enter prison.

The Civil Guard also traveled to Poland to provide support to the Polish Police, where they arrested five members of the organization. All are accused of crimes of international drug trafficking and participation in a criminal organization.

Among those detained in Poland is one of the organizers in 2020 of the shipment to the Polish country of more than 3.2 tons of cocaine hidden inside a shipment of pineapple pulp from South America and which arrived in Germany. This shipment was intercepted on that occasion by Polish investigators along with the arrest of three more people.

Agents of the Civil Guard of the Information Headquarters of the Special Central Unit number 3 and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of Malaga together with the Central Office of Investigations of the Polish Police (CBSP) have participated in the investigation.