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Thousands of brake discs likely to be counterfeit, found in the Port of Constanța, Romania

A joint team of border guards from the Coast Guard and customs inspectors from the Constanta Sud Agigea Border Customs Office carried out a physical check on a container arrived from China, loaded with car parts, which had as a recipient a company from Mureș County.

Following detailed checks, it was found that there were several boxes inside containing 3,022 brake discs, which are likely to infringe the intellectual property rights of well-known brands.  

The goods, with a value of approximately one million lei if they had been sold as branded products, were seized in order to examine and continue the research. At the same time, the border guards carry out investigations to put into circulation a product bearing an identical or similar trademark with a trademark for identical or similar products and which harms the trademark owner, and legal action will be taken upon completion.