State Border Guard Service seize 22 thousand package of Belarusian cigarettes brought by train from Belarus

Officers of the Criminal Intelligence Division and the Special Purpose Division of the Pagėgiai Border Team together with the employees of the Safety and Risk Management Department of the company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai inspected the cargo station at the Akmenė railway station. It was known that a train entering Belarus and bound for Naujoji Akmenė and could carry illegal cargo.

Two men were captured at the station, loading black bundles from one wagon. Both were detained by the border guards. It turned out that two Vilnius residents, aged 35 and 36, were preparing to transport a total of 15 such bundles. They contained 22,466 packs of cigarettes from Minsk Capital and NZ Gold and Queen Menthol.

The value of such cargo in Lithuania with taxes is about 78 thousand euros.