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Streamlane, technical operator of the PAXGOV agency, presents the API-PNR Gateway at the World Border Security Congress

The API-PNR gateway provides a simple solution for governments to collect API-PNR data from airlines and presents them in an easy-to-use dashboard, where the authorities can monitor the transmission of passenger data.

The API-PNR Gateway system is used to the great satisfaction of the Luxembourg police. The platform incorporates real-time air traffic data from Eurocontrol, the centralised flight control system which collects information on all flight traffic within Europe.

Whenever an air carrier needs to fly in European airspace, it must inform Eurocontrol. Furthermore, in the case of flight cancellations or delays, this information is instantly relayed to Eurocontrol. The API-PNR Gateway’s dashboard, designed for PIU officers, displays which flights are in their airspace and alerts them about delays and cancellations in real time.

This is a unique feature provided by Streamlane’s API-PNR Gateway. This feature enables the PIU of European States to consistently receive a full picture of API-PNR data because the API-PNR Gateway matches all flights of the Eurocontrol air traffic with messages reception from carriers, providing an essential tool for PIUs operations.

The police of the state of Luxembourg said: “The inclusion of real-time Eurocontrol data is a unique feature of our API-PNR Gateway system, and ensures that we consistently receive the data from air carriers.