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Syrians hidden in a Lithuanian truck detained in Podkarpacie, Poland

The joint actions of the officers of the Bieszczady Border Guard, Police and KAS led to the quick capture of a group of 15 immigrants from Syria. It is the most numerous group of foreigners detained over the last few years in Podkarpacie.

Yesterday (February 24), in the evening hours, the police from Rzeszów informed the Border Guard about a group of foreigners who left the cargo space of the Lithuanian truck in the parking lot in Stobierna, Rzeszów poviat. A patrol of the Border Guard, KAS and the Police was sent to the site.

The indicated place proved that a group of people was traveling in a lorry trailer between the load of textiles. KAS officers found a cut of the customs cable securing the transport of goods and damage to the tarpaulin. According to the findings of the Border Guard officers, the truck driver going from Romania to Lithuania did not know that he was transporting people. On the other hand, illegal immigrants left the trailer while the vehicle was parked in the parking lot and headed towards the nearby forest. The initiated search activities led to the detention of a group of immigrants within a radius of about 3-4 km from the parking lot.

Among the foreigners there were 13 men and 3 women aged 17 to 33. They did not have both documents and money. They admitted that they come from Syria. They applied for asylum while in Greece, but decided to go to Germany on their own. The organizers from southern Europe paid 2 thousand zlotys for the transfer and organization of transport. euro each. During the detention, the foreigners were cold and hungry. They were examined by a doctor and their health was assessed as good. At the Border Guard Post in Rzeszów – Jasionka, they received a hot meal and drinks.

Activities related to establishing their identity, route and legal status are underway. Detained foreigners are the most numerous group of illegal immigrants detained in the Podkarpacie region in recent years.

Photo OSG in Bieszczady