The cooperation of the services led to the suppression of the smuggling of large amounts of drugs from the Netherlands

Border Guards in Świecko, Poland supporting the activities of the Central Bureau of Investigation, contributed to the detention of the car in which drugs were smuggled. Thanks to the immediate exchange of information and excellent cooperation, the services seized 22 kg and 10 liters of drugs.

Border Guards and Police officers from the Board of the Central Police Investigation Bureau in Białystok determined that drug smuggling from the Netherlands was planned across the Polish border with Germany. 

The courier dropped by in Świecko. It turned out that the 46-year-old, driving a Citroen Berlingo from the Netherlands, smuggled over 2 kg of cocaine, 14 kg of marijuana, over a kilogram of methamphetamine, 10 liters of liquid amphetamine, over 3 kg of loose amphetamine and 2 kg of 3-CMC (a psychoactive substance).

The officers determine where the drugs were to be found, which were hidden in the compartments under the windshield wipers behind the front seats of the car, in the trunk of the car, in the spare wheel tire and in a special compartment of the carried seat. During further actions in the detainee’s apartment, the policemen also found marijuana, a welding machine, electronic scales, string bags of various sizes, two 10-liter containers with 95% sulfuric acid and 5 liters of 96% ethyl alcohol. Everything was secured and is now evidence in the case.